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Free Mint: Sep 11-15 (2PM UTC) Registration: Sep 12-19 (12PM UTC)


VIP Pass NFT holders receive the privilege to participate in every War of Gama Closed Beta and are the first to experience new game content.

Limited Numbers
Closed Beta

5k War of GAMA VIP Silver Pass NFT holders join the beta.
Beta application date:
09/12 - 09/19 12PM (UTC +8)

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Please Note

  1. This closed beta is a file-deletion beta test. After the end of the test, all records of player activity will be removed. Only items in players’ virtual wallets will remain and be unaffected by the deletion.
  2. The closed beta version of the game may not be final.
  3. The final version of the game and the beta may be different. The closed beta server will occasionally undergo adjustment, for details see the official announcements page.
  4. All game data belongs to Megaverse Game. Megaverse Game reserves the right to make any and all edits to data. Users should refer to information from Megaverse Game for the most accurate information.